These are the little things that will help your event run more smoothly!

Generator 1694268919 Extras


Run your Portacool or any other electronic needs with this 1700 Watt generator!




Extension Cord Extras

Extension Cords

25′ White-$7

50′ White-$12

100′ Yellow-$20


Cooler 1695915442 big Extras


Keep your food and drinks cold with this 150 Quart Cooler! We have 3 available. 



Trash can Extras

Trash Can 

 55 Gallon trash can with lid.



Trash Can Cover Extras

Trash Can Spandex Cover-Black 

 Help your trash cans blend in with this cover. Fits the 55 Gallon trash can with lid.




Our services come with liability insurance required by most venues.

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